Il Mio Olio

Extra virgin olive oil. His well-being, our happiness.

As early as 500 a.C.

“Il mio Olio” is an extra virgin olive oil Organic, certified by Suolo e Salute, obtained in the ancient northeastern district of Sicily, aimed at the cultivation of olives since 500 BC. Here, both natural factors (climate and environmental characteristics) and human factors (production techniques handed down over time and the craftsmanship of working methods) that, combined, allow to obtain an inimitable product. Our secret is the Earth, the Sun, genuine and controlled products, made with the most modern (cold) processing systems, but always treated with respect for tradition and love for the good things of the Earth.

La Sicilia nell'Oro

“Il mio Olio” has an aromatic profile of good breadth of medium fruity, obtained from belice’s nocellara in the size 60, ogliarola Mexican 30 with a balance of whitelilla. The taste approach reveals tones of tomato heart of ox, artichoke leaf, cut grass, lemon peel, myrtle berries, green almond, sage and fresh thyme. It inces in the palate polite and kind, very pleasant and satisfying, with the spicy just dominant on the bitter.

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“Il mio Olio” is an extra virgin olive oil, obtained in the ancient northeastern district of Sicily, aimed at growing olive trees since 500 a.C.

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